Frances talks about her retirement journey

Although I’m in my mid-seventies now, my husband John and I started working with our financial adviser, Peter, over twenty years ago. We were considering when to retire and as we began to think more seriously about it, it became obvious that we really needed professional advice.

We were very nervous before meeting Peter, but he quickly put us at ease. He looked at our whole financial situation. He was well informed and focused on what was appropriate for us. We felt reassured.

One thing we really appreciated was assistance in organising our estate and financial situation. John and I were keen to ensure our children benefit when we were no longer around. When John passed away a few years ago I was glad we sorted out our financial affairs well before his death as we had a plan in place I was able to execute with help from Peter.

As a recent widow I’ve needed to consider my options. Aged Care seems complicated and I want to make a decision that is best for me. It’s getting harder each year to maintain my home by myself and I have to consider my health too.

Peter is talking me through all the different options – facilities, costs, affordability and potential impacts on my social security benefits. Keeping our family home rather than selling it seems to be a good option for me. I can rent it out and still receive a part pension.

I feel confident with financial decisions because I have built a strong relationship with my financial adviser.

September 04, 2017

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