Ellen and James get financial advice in retirement

Ellen and I are in our 70’s and in really good health– we eat right and have joined a few fitness classes. Our kids still cause a bit of stress for us though – one’s in the middle of a messy divorce and the other has a chronic heart condition.

Our grandkids visit a lot and eat us out of house and home – not that we mind! We’ve also helped the kids financially when they’ve needed it. Luckily we’ve had the means to be able to.

The truth is if it weren’t for our financial adviser, Jason, we could not have managed financially. One of the first things Jason did when we first met him seven years ago was to check we were getting all the government support we should be – and it was bit of a shock to find that he was able to nearly double the amount by structuring our finances more effectively.

Next on the list were the investments we had. We had a tidy sum in debentures because of the fixed return they gave us as income. It was Ok when we were younger but now they are too high risk for us. We changed over to managed funds and our portfolio gives us a regular income and we don’t have to touch the capital.

Last year Jason, suggested we look at our estate planning. You tend to think it’s set and forget once you’ve done a Will but Jason pointed out that with our daughter’s messy divorce it’s wise to check and make sure those we love actually get looked after.

Having a financial adviser we trust has made such a positive difference to our retirement, I highly recommend everyone has one!

September 05, 2015

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