Paul learns why financial advice at any age is a good idea!

At 35, I’m not looking to retire anytime soon. It never even crossed my mind that seeing a financial adviser would be a logical thing to do at my age. What changed it all for me was my new job. I was offered a good salary and the amount going into super was going to add up so I wanted an opinion on different funds. I made an appointment with a financial specialist that my new company recommended.

Toni identified quite a few ways I could make my money work harder. She looked at things like tax, incurring high interest on my debts, personal insurance and my super.

After my meeting with her, I knew I needed a financial plan. I figured that it was time to get serious about cash flow, managing debt and looking to create wealth.

I wasn’t keen on insurance though – I figured I was young and healthy, but in the end my wife, Lauren, and I listened to Toni and took out life and trauma insurance.

Last year Lauren was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It was a blow in so many ways and we all took it hard. She’s been so brave and started treatment straight away. She was off work for almost a year and that’s where Toni’s advice came into play. Our insurance means we have not had to worry about our finances at all. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t feel grateful for her wisdom. The trauma cover pay-out was $525,000, which fully paid for Lauren’s treatment and medication. It also gave us money to pay off the mortgage. There is still a long journey ahead to full recovery but we have not lost all our hard earned financial security and Lauren has had time to focus on her recovery and spend more time with the kids.

September 01, 2015

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