How Leo took smart financial advice to secure a comfortable retirement

My name’s Leo and I’m 69. I used to be a banker but finally retired after nearly 40 years. At the time I had just over $300,000 in my allocated pension account but the volatile market conditions left me with about $250,000. That was quite a shock – but there are others at my Bowls Club who ended up worse off.

The combination of a drawdown of $13,000 from my allocated pension and another $12,000 in pension payments from Centrelink each year suits me. My income allows me to take the grandkids for outings and buy decent birthday gifts, but I am concerned that more market volatility or changes in legislation could negatively impact me.

After a lot of consideration I recently went to see a financial adviser. Kaitlin looked at my affairs across the board and made some adjustments. It was such a weight off my mind.

September 03, 2015

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