Our People

RI Advice Group has over 300 professional financial advisers with extensive industry experience. Our advisers are selected on the strength of their technical acumen, financial knowledge and experience in the provision of appropriate advice. We look for strong communicators who are a good fit with our customer-centric culture. Being good with financial issues is only part of the story – you have to be interested in helping people reach their financial goals to be part of our advisory group.

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Your adviser does not act alone

All Authorised Representatives of RI Advice Group have access to a range of professional support services.

Technical support: keeps your adviser informed of legislative and regulatory changes so they can react quickly to any potential impacts on clients.

Investment and insurance research: reviews investments and insurance research, keeping your financial adviser up-to-date to support their advice strategies.

Professional standards: risk management specialists conduct regular audits and monitor our advisers to keep business and legal standards up-to-date.

Professional development: our advisers maintain ongoing professional development standards through a range of ongoing professional development opportunities across an expansive skillset.

Our core teams offer support to our advisers, combined with our dedicated management, making RI Advice one of Australia’s most well-regarded financial planning groups.