Protect your family in the future

Whatever your retirement looks like – whether it’s spending time with family, travelling the world or spending time in the garden – no one wants to spend it worrying about money.

We help you understand and plan key financial decisions, including:

  • Superannuation. Superannuation can be your biggest asset after your home. We explain the issues you need to consider and look at how to make your super work hard for you.
  • Investing. We can develop and implement a tailored investment portfolio, helping you decide which assets to invest in and how to manage risk.
  • Government benefits. We explain the requirements to qualify for entitlements such as the Age Pension, Pension Concession Card and Seniors Health Card, reducing potential confusion. We can show you how to choose social security friendly investments to help you access all of your entitlements.
  • Tax and retirement income strategies. We help you choose retirement investment options, weighing up the tax and social security implications. We can help you evaluate different types of retirement income products available.
  • Long-term planning. We help you decipher broader and longer-term retirement issues, such as effective estate planning and aged care facilities.

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