Protect your family in the future

A serious accident or illness can happen to anyone, at any time. Personal financial advice can help you weather the storm:

  • Insurance. We help you select the type and amount of insurance cover appropriate for you. Depending on your personal situation and objectives, this may include life insurance, trauma insurance and income protection insurance.
  • Estate planning. We help you review, document and prepare your assets for effective estate planning, helping avoid any unfavourable outcomes or disputes. We can work closely with your lawyer and accountant so those you choose to receive the benefits, actually do.
  • Aged Care planning. We help you understand the options so if and when the time comes, you can make a smooth transition to the care you need.
  • Business protection and succession planning. We explore the risks to your business and can help answer questions such as: Who will take over your business if you lost the services of a key person? How can you get the most if you choose to sell?

With a successful protection strategy in place you’ll be able to maintain the lifestyle you’ve come to enjoy.