What are the fees for financial advice?

We offer advice on a ‘fee for service’ basis. Your adviser will map out any fees and the payment options available to you. Your adviser will only provide advice and services to you once you have agreed to these fees.

What does financial advice encompass?

Financial advice, financial planning, financial strategies, wealth management. Whatever you call it, good financial advice is all about making the most of life through quality financial strategies – helping you map out what you want to achieve and setting the foundations to help you do it.

Your adviser will guide you through this process by:

  • helping you identify your financial goals
  • developing methods to save and invest
  • working out contingency plans to help protect you financially
  • regularly checking and refining strategies to keep you on track.

What happens at the first meeting with the adviser?

The first meeting with your adviser is focussed on identifying what’s most important to you. It’s also an opportunity to get a clear picture of your current financial health so your adviser will ask you to bring a range of information with you such as your superannuation statements.

Your adviser will ask you questions to help you clarify and prioritise your goals, so they can start researching the options to get you there. They will explain what the steps will be, how long the process may take and what additional paperwork and information you may need to provide.

What are the next steps if I want to go ahead?

Once your adviser understands your goals, the next step is developing strategies to achieve them. The strategies will be presented to you in a written Statement of Advice.

At that meeting your adviser will talk you through the Statement of Advice and answer any questions. If you are ready to proceed, you then instruct your adviser to continue with implementation of your strategy.

Your adviser may also set up a review appointment with you to check on progress and refine your strategy to reflect any changed circumstances or alteration to your goals.

Why should I get financial advice?

Many people can manage their regular money issues. But to get a clear plan to build and protect your wealth and help achieve your financial goals there are a number of key decisions such as:

  • should you invest in shares, cash, fixed interest, property or perhaps all of them? Should investments be Australian or international?
  • how can you make your investment strategy more tax-effective?
  • is your superannuation growing fast enough to meet your goals?
  • is your lifestyle protected against serious illness or accident?
  • are you making the most of government support?
  • do you have a valid Will?

A financial adviser can apply their experience and expertise to help you make the tough decisions, then integrate into a financial plan.

You get to enjoy the peace of mind that your finances are taken care of and you’re on track to make the most out of life.

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